Why Investing in Fitness One / Pink Fitness makes Sound Sense.

A growing super power. but very far from super fit.

Sedentary lifestyles, driven by modern work culture and technological convenience, has made India into a global epicenter of poor health and fitness. Ironically, the country that gave the world Yoga and spirituality is embroiled today in sloth and reckless consumerism. The youth are no better - internet, television and video games have all but replaced outdoor activity. Driven by our love for fried food, sugar overloads and a host of other dietary disasters the situation only becomes more scary. We are sitting on a ticking time bomb.

India is emerging as the diabetes capital of the world. It is expected that as much as 40% of our population will be a diabetic at the current rate. We also lead the world in cardiac ailments, and other lifestyle diseases. What is scarier is that the average age of those affected are falling at every census. Studies reveal that India’s disease burden is causing it to lose billions of dollars in treatment and loss of productivity.

Welcome to the fitness one franchisee relationship programme

There are no shortcuts to fitness. You need expert guidance, personal commitment, and a plan that will help you meet your personal goals. Being a successful franchisee in the fitness industry is much the same.

The Fitness One Franchisee Relationship Programme offers you opportunities that span multiple product and service lines, as well as models relevant for small, medium and large formats. Fitness One will carefully select franchisees who share our long term commitment, and together, revolutionize the fitness industry in India.

The booming fitness industry is conservatively estimated at rs.3,000 crores

Growing at a staggering 25% year-on-year. And that’s a fraction of the gigantic unorganized sector. As consumers get better informed and are increasingly willing to pay a premium value for a premium offering, the opportunity is only going to get bigger and better !

What should you be looking for as a franchisee in the fitness industry?

  • Guaranteed service levels of the highest order for your customers
  • Instant brand recognition and positive associations
  • Support in managing your centres
  • Proven business model
  • Dynamic sales & marketing Systems
  • Successful Weight loss & Personal training programs

Good partnerships are built on shared interests, a long term commitment, and a willingness to share experiences

With over 10 years of real-time experience in the business, we know what it takes to set up scientific fitness centre and run them professionally. The Fitness One group is a public limited company with 700+ employees, who dedicate each day, in promoting Fitness. Across our 50 fitness centers & over 110 managed facilities for corporate customers, we motivate members, clients & employees to adopt fitness regimens that will dramatically improve their productivity, job satisfaction & quality of life.



Our Franchisee Speak

  • Proud, delighted, cherished... No Words to express Pink has turned a ordinary housewife into a successful entrepreneur. Passion towards fitness dragged me to take up only women's gym PINK - No Looking Back My first PINK brought in me the confidence to take up yet another PINK center Pleasure and no pressure within PINK Prized possession. Pleasant surprises with relished moments and that is PINK.

    Muthu Ramesh, Franchisee,
    Pink Fitness, Crosscut Rd, Coimbatore

    For any Franchise Enquries, Please contact Mr. Ramu at 9790940023 or email to ramu@fitnessoneclub.co.in