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Fitness One is India's Most Sophisticated Fitness Chain, & We Deliver Total Fitness solutions.

At FitnessOne our only business is ‘fitness’. Every aspect of fitness. Every day, each of us work towards getting people to recognize the importance of fitness.

We show them how to adopt fitness regimens that will dramatically improve the quality of their lives.

We go about this professionally, leveraging and adapting global best practices, and staying current in our programmes.

Members at our fitness centres, and our clients who outsource their fitness centre development & management to us, recognize our expertise, and speak well of their personal experiences with us.


Working in partnership to enhance fitness levels

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FitnessOne, with 14+ years real time experience, is the leader in Fitness Industry. Expertise matters !


Why Corporate Fitness?

Current day work styles can so easily ruin health. They make a mockery or ergonomics. Long hours behind desk. A poor posture. And just one enough exercise! 'My lower back is killing me!' is a chillingly common complaint. A sure sign that health has been ignored and a clear warning to change ones ways!

The increased use of computers, and often for prolonged stretches of time, has introduced news words like 'meta carpal syndrome' into our everyday vocabulary, along with agonizing and shooting pain in the fingers and wrists, sometimes radiating up the entire arm.

Adopting fitness into our lives was never as urgent. And a fitness program for corporate employees is a great way to get started.


Higher productivity. Alertness up 47%. Improved job attitude. Some of the proven benefits of a healthy work force.

Research show that a fit corporate workforce improve productivity, recude errors, increases retention, reduces absenteeism, and fights raising healthcare costs. Which is why an increasing number of companies across the world, are committing time and resources to initiate a fitness culture, at the workplace. 

If you ask the army why they work out together, they will tell you that they are looking to build more than mere physical muscles - the real battles they fight are in the mind, and the joint work outs build that spirit.

Emulate them. Call Fitness One for a corporate fitness programme that sets your people up for the war in the market place.

Are you doing justice to your premier resource - Your People - that Carnegie so aptly identified as the real power behind business success?

Give your employees the gift of discipline, team bonding, and mental balance. Get Fitness One in to create special customized fitness program, and watch the spine of your organization turn steel.

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