• Booming Preventive healthcare sector will be the No.1 industry in next few years
  • Fitness Industry is valued at INR 3500 crore and growing at 25% annually
  • FitnessOne Group is India’s leading Fitness Management Company with 50+ Fitness One  & Pink centres and 100+ corporate fitness centres.
  • 25+ Fitness One Equipment Store across all major cities

Fitness One Group is a public limited company with 500+ employees, who dedicate each day, in promoting Fitness. Across our 50+ fitness centres and over 100 managed facilities for corporate customers, we motivate members, clients and employees to adopt fitness regimes that will dramatically improve their productivity, job satisfaction and quality of life.


Careers at Fitness One

Here is your opportunity for stupendous career growth in the growing Fitness Industry in India. Get on to it right now and you could be going places in the very near future. Be in the right place at the right time.


When you work at FitnessOne, in any of our divisions, you get to interact with the best in society at different levels. Your people skills will automatically get honed.


We need you to have some inbuilt people skills, a passion for fitness, high energy levels, innovative through process and the will to succeed. Yes, and that certain something that one can instantly spot – that spark of commitment to yourself and to the company you would like to work for is essential. The rest comes with the exhilarating experience of working at Fitness One.


We will nurture your strengths.

There is huge demand for qualified Fitness instructors and for dieticians. And this spells good prospects for those aiming to pursue fitness as their career. Join us to discover your true self.

We have opening for

  • Physiotherapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Customer Service Executives
  • Qualified Instructors for Zumba, Aerobics, Yoga
  • Centre Managers


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